Using concurrent monitors in CB9.5.50 Pro - possible?

I have 3 different monitor sets defined in my CB control room. 2 in the actual physical control room, and 1 in a different listening room.

Each monitor set is calibrated differently using Sonarworks, and all that works perfect.

But, is there a way I can use more than one monitor set at the same time? I want to be able to have one of the monitor sets in the control room active at the same time as the monitor set in the listening room. Right now I have this daft situation where when I enable the monitors in the listening room, the monitors in the control room are disabled.

Is there a way to use more than one monitor set simultaneously? Seems such an obvious requirement, but I can’t see how to do it.

You could connect the monitors in the listening room via the stereo out and use the control room for your other monitors.

I do this for the headphone feed to session musicians and have the actual headphone feed for myself.

Thanks for the suggestion, but there are problems doing this especially when using calibrated systems, and it would make it difficult to have consistency in levels.

If the CB Control Room feature can’t do this, then it’s a bit lame and needs improving.

I run differing calibrations on each monitoring channel as the speakers are not the same and obviously they are in in differing environments. Each monitor configuration in Control Room therefore requires and has it’s own specific calibration map loaded.

If I had to use Stereo Out, that would entail loading a speaker calibration on the Stereo Out inserts, which, due to it’s included anticlipping function - meant for monitoring and not for production - would mess with the production levels in a very unwanted manner.

Ultimately, this would be very error prone. It’s exactly the sort of thing CB should be doing. I’m going to have another play and see it there is a way with CB, but it doesn’t look likely.

CAn’t it be done using the Cues…or they already in use?

Interesting suggestion. Need to check that out. Can Cue mixes have their own inserts? Otherwise the calibrations wont work…