Using Connect SE for Client Approval?

Working with a few clients in another Countries and States.
I’ve gotten Connect SE to work (not in Sync yet though).

Was wondering about using COnnect SE so that Clients can sit in on a Session while it’s in Progress.
Would be COOL if a client in the UK could listen/watch as I am recording a String session for instance.

Any one tried it?


It’s totally possible ! I’m doing it.

Just insert a vst connect in an input channel so you can start the remote session. Then a vst connect cue mix plugin on a group channel ( in which you route the playback ) or simpler … just on the master output ! You’ll get a warning message saying it should be insert in a group channel… but never mind, as long as the purpose is to stream your master output to a client so he can listen.

Was wondering if the Master insert would prevent me from having Talkback (without feedback)

In that case you would have feedback problem I guess… Solution is to put the cue mix in a group channel ( and send to that channel your playback )

Or you could simply use skype to communicate via voice?

Talkback is sent directly from the VST Connect SE plugin (mixed with the input of the VST Connect SE Cuemix plugin), so there should be no feedback problems. Just make sure to have the 2nd knob “Monitor” (right to “To Performer”) in the top view of the VST Connect SE plugin set to zero, so to not hear your own talkback signal.


Reading it…it doesn’t make total sense to me (the signal flow) but I’m guessing that it will when I actually try it.