Using controllers like launchpad

Is there any way for me to hook up launchpad to Cubase so that I can play a bass line and drum line on that, and then sing along for live performances and recording. I am really new to this so if you could explain why not or how I can it would really be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Launchpad is sending common MIDI data/MIDI Notes. So yes, it is possible.

You would add an Instrument track with your bass/drum sound, and you can start.

Aren’t Launchpad MIDI messages from the keypads fixed and unprogrammable ?

And if so, doesn’t that mean to get it to work with Cubase you need some utility or app to intercept the MIDI messages from Launchpad and translate them into what Cubase needs ? Something like BOME midi app ? Specifically I want to use Launchpad for keyswitches in Cubase. Or can generic remote mapping do it ?