Using copy / paste

hi all,
I know this should be super easy but I’m going insane!!

I want to move a selection from position 4121.2.1.0 to position 1.1.1 . I make a selection with the Range Selection Tool with the ‘Snap’ set to ‘cursor’, and the cursor at the position noted 4121.2.1.0 . Then go to position 1.1.1 (the very beginning) and paste and most of the time nothing’s pasted. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing differently when it does paste. AND there’s always a tiny bit missing at the very start, despite having checked a million times I’ve copied it all. I’ve copied 10 tracks.
There’s nothing before or after my selection.
Who’d have thought copying and pasting could cause so much grief!! Please help.

Just a thought about the bit missing at the beginning , have you got Zero Crossing enabled as the range will pick the nearest zero crossing point to cut at ?

Thank you …that seems to have allowed me to copy / paste entire selection. But I’m still not sure of the definition of 'snap tozero crossing".
But again thank you.

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If you enable Snap to Zero it makes sure you have no clicking at the start of the sample , if you cut off the start of a sample you will here clicking , if you zoom in on the waveform you’ll see exactly what this does , try cutting a sample with Snap to Zero turned on while zoomed in

Ok…thanks for your help.