Using cubase 10 at multiple locations. Not at same time

Is there a way to use cubase 10 at multiple locations, Not at same time of course, WITHOUT THE DONGLE ?
sometimes I forget the dongle at the studio but want to work on a project at home.


Can such a situation be solved by purchasing multiple dongles?

No because Cubase is not looking for the dongle. It is looking for a valid license on the dongle. If you had a second license on a separate dongle that would work because you’ve bought 2 copies of Cubase. But you can’t have a single license exist on 2 different dongles.

I use a USB Device Server within my network. So my dongle is somehow a network dongle .
Years ago I used it via Internet, when I was at home to do things and the dongle was at the studio.
It worked fine except of some delays when loading instruments that required licenses.
It’s hassle to set it up with firewall and opening ports to the internet -> security.
If you have a vpn to your studio already it would be much more simpler to install it and is secure as well.

It’s been a while but perhaps soneone likes to pick it up again…

Question: will it really work to host the eLicenser Dongle on a device like this (USB server)?