Using Cubase 10 Pro without eLicenser USB

I want to use my Cubase 10 without the eLicenser USB because whenever I lose it I have to purchase it again for $30 and wait for it to arrive for 5 days without being able to use my Cubase 10 until then.

The Zero Downtime procedure is designed for this event, as you may well know (and a very fair system IMHO).

But it does require you to have a spare eLicenser. If you regularly lose them (!) it would seem to be wise to buy one in advance.

Steinberg have said they are working on a dongle free licensing scheme but when it will be released is not known.

Can you link the thread where this was stated by Steinberg? I would love for a non-dongle Solution, thought it would never happen :laughing:

Cubase Pro -> No dongle -> No go
And that dongless crap, they´ve said it for years and nothing happens like those bug fixes

On the contrary, for a very long time they said they had no plans to get rid of the USB dongle.

Halion went dongle-free in the most recent version. That may be the test for rolling it out wider?

Personally I hope they keep the dongle.

My solution has been to run Cubase 10 Elements on my mobile laptop and Cubase 10 Pro (with dongle) in the studio. I realize this might not be a fix for everyone but is is very easy if you can get away with it.

I think Plugin Alliance has a good licensing System where you can choose between having a Dongle or adding the License on a Machine (with 3 licenses per plugin).

This one is easy. Don’t lose it. You have bought a license to run Cubase, that is kept on the dongle. You’re lucky that the dongle isn’t $100.

Even though it´s good, their stuff have been cracked and elicencer dongle isn´t.
I just wish multiple licence for the price of dongle, so I could share processing power across multicomputer network and have one spare along with my keys for traveling

Where did you see it? I would like to read more about it. Sounds interesting.

Here on the Forum (not the Cubase 10 one!). No, I don’t have the link, sorry. There were no details given so nothing more to read about, sorry.

I like the dongle. When I rebuild my machine there is no worrying about authorising. I just download install and it works. Just tried Kontakt method on a free plugin and it was a nightmare. I can also take my dongle with me and use another machine. Not everyone wants to lose the dongle.

That is my solution too but it does grate a bit having to pay for Cubase Elements when you have already paid for the Pro version. Would be nice if they could figure out a way to give Pro users a free license for Cubase Elements. Aside from that, I think the dongle is good. Simple, reliable and gives Steinberg good protection which equals more revenue to fund developing this software.

You don’t need a dongle to be un-crackable. Propellerhead Reason hasn’t been cracked since version 5 as well, and they offer a non-dongle solution for people who prefer that.

There is no (technical) reason for a hardware dongle in 2019.

Keeping the dongle effectively leaves the door open for competition to walk in and lure away Cubase users. Case-in-point: I love Cubase, but will never risk bringing the dongle on the road. A such, Cubase is NOT even loaded on my 2018 MacBook Pro. What’s the point? (Logic Pro X is now my mobile DAW)

Looking forward to trying C10 soon, but as long as the dongle is required, I’ll always be keeping an eye on alternatives.

I like the dongle. It’s easy and simple when doing a new build or reformat.

Unless you have problems getting online, software authorization can be just as seamless. (It’s not like it was 10 years ago…)

I could not agree with you more. If you have paid for the PRO version, Elements should be included. In my case, AI would not suit my needs due to track number limitations.

Please elucidate.

Logic is also 1/3rd the price of Cubase, and updates are free, yet Cubase and Nuendo have many Mac users. Your own use-case belies this- as you continue to buy updates and use Cubase

The dongle has made Cubase one of few daws that are not cracked– since Cubase 6. If and when SB devises a software copy protection system that is as robust as as the dongle they’ll use it, as they have said in the past.

For me personally, it’s an annoyance I put up with, and when I go out with my laptop I have to keep track of the dongle. I also have to keep track of my car remote, and if I lose that I’m really f----d. :wink:

The good thing is: you can run elements simply due to the fact that you bought the PRO version.