Using Cubase 10 Trial

Recently upgraded to Cubase Elements 9.5 (with lots of faffing about trying to get the e-Licenser to recognise my purchase - eventually got help from Support - and a problem with the Shop, where it kept telling me that the purchase hadn’t been processed, in the end, bought 3 copies… eventually refunded two of those!).

Would now like to move up to Cubase 10 Pro or Artist. Last night, I spent several hours downloading the Trial, and a couple of hours this morning fiddling around with my eLicenser (software) trying to Register and run the Trial. Just noticed in small type at the bottom of the e-mail containing the Authorisation Code that only the Hardware e’Licenser (on the USB stick) will work, not the Software e-Licenser :astonished: :open_mouth: Well, OK, I thought, I’ll go with it… the USB stick is £20, which is enough of an investment to make for a Demo piece of software, but just about worth making, as I’m pretty sure I will buy the full version. But then, I’m asked to pay another £8+ on top for delivery… REALLY?!

Thank you for your interest in Cubase Pro! Yes, it is of course unfortunate to have to pay extra for the shipping. This may be a better local option for you: