Using Cubase 11 without physical elicenser?

I am a long-time user of Cubase (a much older version), and after building a new PC a week ago I need to now restore the software. It’s a good opportunity for me to upgrade, so I’m looking at buying " Cubase Artist 11".

…but then there’s the issue of an elicense. I have never owned, nor needed one. I’ve always used an old version that apparently predates this necessity. I have looked around and found only very old information regarding this, so let’s cut to it:
Is it possible to use Cubase 11 without a USB elicense?

I get the impression it is required, which is very disappointing. Is there any solution that doesn’t require a physical prop that I don’t have and can’t get anytime soon? I don’t really want to wait for something physical to arrive to let me use software I could have downloaded and installed within minutes.

Yes, you can buy Cubase Elements.

I’ve look at the info page comparing the different versions and concluded Elements does not meet my requirements.

Thanks for the response, in this case I will look elsewhere for a different software solution.

Hi Serelesis, Welcome to the forum

Which version of Cubase were you using previously ?

I believe it was Cubase 5 but I could be mistaken, it came free with a guitar multi fx pedal I bought almost a decade ago. It’s fine though, if Cubase 11 has this awkwardness attached I’ll buy something else instead.

hi Serelesis

All full versions of cubase pro have needed an elicencer - right back to the Atari ST days. Not sure how that version is working without one ? Maybe the version you have is Elements ? in that case the new version of Elements is much improved than the version 5 that you have so well worth the upgrade.

If you look at the details in your elicencer software (even the Elements needs this to run) you can see which version you have.

If you don’t have a valid licence then maybe, as it’s Christmas, it’s worth treating yourself to a fresh, new and legal version of Cubase…The reason the elicenser exists is because some people insist on stealing the software…hope you can understand the irony complaining about it ?

Merry Christmas by the way.

I’m not complaining about the cost. I’m entirely prepared to pay. I’ve already stated as such. I’m not asking “hey can I pirate your software?”, I’m not sure I appreicate the insinuation. The version I got did not come with any physical requirement; it was bundled with a Zoom G9.2tt unit.

My issue here, as mentioned, is the inconvenience of paying for software and then being unable to use it until a physical thing arrives, which may take some considerable time.
Is there no software solution at all?

If you want to use Cubase Pro then you need to have the dongle.

As you’re in the UK I notice that Amazon can get you one by Sunday - (assuming you don’t have a no-amazon policy…some people do!)

oh…and you can still upgrade your old licence in the Steinberg shop, even very old ones are eligible, so it’s worth digging out the details - Steinberg will still have this logged if you look in your elicencer details on you old machine or just log into MySteinberg.