Using Cubase 12 with UR22 (new laptop)

I’m not super savvy so hopefully there’s an easy an here…
I’ve got Cubase 12 installed and on the Audio Inputs Box it’s currently showing “Not Connected”. I see “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” as an option but it will not let me click on it. I did download the most recent driver off the Steinberg website. Also, I’ve tested the UR22 with the simple Voice Recorder app on my computer and it worked fine, so the problem seems to be in talking to Cubase. Please help:)
Thank you

Please go to the Audio System page in the Studio Setup window to pick your ASIO driver.

Thank you! That certainly helped with the input issue. I was able to select Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO and successfully record. However, now I can’t hear anything when I play it back. My Output is set to the same audio device, so I’d expect it would come back thru the UR22 and I can listen with headphones, but I get nothing. Previously, (before visiting Studio Setup) I had the option to select my speakers which I have plugged into the headphone jack, but that is no longer an option, and I’d like it to be. Any thought?

I just closed and reopened the program and now the playback works again but recording does not. It’s still pointed at the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO for all input and outputs. I’m seeing decibel readings on the meters in the Lower Zone, so I know the sound is getting in, just not recording.