Using cubase 5 on a new system

Ok, so I bought cubase 5 a long time ago. I used it on a MacBook Pro, and still do. I would like to get a new Windows 10 computer and still use it. As a test, I installed it on a desktop I had and it seemed to install ok, except I have lost the physical paper that has my activation code on it. I still have the discs and the elicenser usb stick, because obviously I still use it on the Mac. Is there anything I can do to use this software on a new system? Thanks for any advice!

Yes. Just plug in the USB eLicenser.

No need to activate anything… (The greatest advantage of the dongle :grinning:)

But, on the new pc, it asks for my activation code before install?

You should be able to plug in the dongle and run Cubase. When it asks about activation it is about activating the license you bought & putting it on the dongle. You already did that a long time ago. One of the options the dialog usually offers is that you’ve already activated it - pick that one.

You want to use an unsupported version of Cubase Mac on a new PC?

No. That won’t be happening.
My advice is to upgrade or buy which ever version of Cubase you can afford for the platform that you want to work on.

If you upgrade Steinberg will have a record of your previous purchases.

It is possible to use the same Steinberg license with Mac or PC. Doesn’t matter (we can switch from OSX or Windows anytime). He will only need the correct Cubase and elicenser software installers.

Since I apparently never throw away manuals or software discs - I can confirm that the Cubase 5 distribution contains both the Mac & PC versions.