Using Cubase 6 with a Line 6 Pod....??

Hi - Curious if I can use either my Line 6 Pod or Line 6 Pocket Pod with Cubase. I currently use it with a Yamaha THR amp and that shows up in the device drop down box within Cubase 6. Do I simply just need some kind of interface between the Pod and my laptop? Would whatever device I need then appear in the drop down box where the Yamaha THR does?

Thanks for any tips.


It’s been a while since I recorded from my POD, but I usually just feed the output directly into my audio interface, and do all setup and adjustment directly on the POD itself.
Another alternative of course would be to use something like the Gearbox or POD Farm Plug-in (not sure if this has been superceded by something else). I have used this method before particularly for re-amping.
Just for the record…I have a Line 6 Variax through a POD XT and parallel through a Roland GR-20.