Using Cubase and Stereo plugins in 5.1 Setup for SACD


We have been asked by a client to reproduce a selection of our tracks into 5.1 SACD format. The tracks are in older versions of cubase in a typical typical stereo format. Working with 5.1 and SACD is a whole new arena to me, I’m gradually finding my way through this, but see if someone with experience may be up for offering any pointers or suggestions.

We use a lot of soft synths and effects, with some vocals and acoustic instruments here and there. We have Cubase 7 interfacing with an Antelope Orion going into a Cadac J series console, then into the DAD/DSD/Pyramix system. We are thinking of using 5 sets of groups from the Cadac to feed the Pyramix. We’re planning to have the projects running at 96k, 24bit.

One of the areas I am struggling to clearly get my head around is the best way to use stereo effects plugins within the 5.1 environment. I use UAD plugins as well as a selection of native ones… the majority of them only have stereo configurations.

So there’s a brief overview of the plan… if anyone would like to contribute some ideas, or have any suggestions or pointers, I’m very interested to hear your thoughts.

Hopefully this is the correct category for posting this in, if not I’m happy for someone to direct me elsewhere.

With many thanks,