Using Cubase Artist 7 with the M-Audio M-Track

I got Cubase very recently and have had an M-Audio M-Track 2 channel USB audio/midi interface and have tried to use it by following the instructions in the M-Track’s booklet and for some reason I have had no results, the M-Track works but not in Cubase. I looked on the internet and could only find topics about the M-Track plus and fast track so I was unsure if these would work, I have looked at the Axiom Direct Link drivers which I could only find for Cubase 6 which I did try but to no avail (as to what I expected).

I’d very much appreciate if anyone could give me any advice or step me through what I’d need to do in this, thank you.

Make sure you have the correct drivers (OS) installed.
In Cubase Device setup - VST Audio System, select the “ASIO Driver” for the M-Track.
Should work then.