Using Cubase as an audio recorder when recording video

Hi there, very sorry for the slightly ambiguous title, but it’s the best I could do for now.

I was wondering if there is a good way to record audio in Cubase using high quality microphones whilst recording video on a completely different device, such as recording yourself singing. In the past I have attempted to record myself playing guitar and vocals, but when the piece has been exported, I’ve found that for some reason the video and the audio don’t match up in the video editing program - one seems to be faster than the other. I’ve actually had to just record the piece, then mime the video and I really am not a fan of that. I heard somewhere that for some reason, Cubase’s exported audio is slightly faster when exported.

What I’m really looking for is to record authentic YouTube video covers of songs with friends in high quality with no miming, just straight off-the-bat recording. Are there any techniques or exportation settings that I could use to get the right timing?


You should not believe everything you hear somewhere…

Are there any techniques or exportation settings that I could use to get the right timing?

The correct technique would be synchronisation, but for short duration clips, not even that should be necessary…

Welcome to the digital world of clock drift.

In order to record video and multi-track audio with Cubase or any DAW, you need a clock sync between the video and audio sources. You can use a BNC clock connection, SPIDF or ADAT; one is master and the other the slave. All Pro video cameras have this capability and pro video mixing decks have this as well. Your Cubase interface should have this.

As a side note, I use an old Roland VS2480 that will record 16 tracks. This is typically not enough in live situation. So, I have another 10 channels available via a Firewire connection to my laptop PC. I use a COAX connected sync to the Roland from the Focusrite interface. Afterwards, I digitally transfer the Roland audio tracks to the PC, line up the first song and I am done. The tracks from either source do not drift!