Using Cubase dongle to add other elicenses?


I have bought Cubase 5 and I’d like to know if it is possible to use the original Steinberg dongle which came in the box to add more licenses from different products (from Steinberg and others companies). Can I ? Or is it necessary to buy a brand new empty one?

Aloha g,

AFAIK your C5 dongle should work for many if not all Steinberg products.

Maybe someone else will chime in to confirm.


You can absolutely add additional licenses for Steinberg products to your Steinberg Key (USB eLicenser). You don’t have to buy another one. Third party products that require the eLicenser include Arturia software and the Vienna Symphonic Library

But software licenses that requires an iLok cannot run on the eLicenser and vice versa because the software is different even though they are both USB devices that look very similar.