Using Cubase Elements Trial with Zoom LiveTrak L-20, no audio output

I’m using Cubase Elements with a 30 day trial with a Zoom LiveTrak L-20

When selecting my Zoom Asio driver I have no problems getting the audio in, or getting any of the 20 channels from the Zoom board setup.
The problem is on playback of what I record into Cubase from the Zoom board. Nothing comes out of my speakers.

I need to be able to set my input Asio Driver to the Zoom driver
I need to be able to set my output driver to Asio4All to get the output to the computer’s sound card and on to my speakers.

I found a video for Cubase Pro that shows you how to do this in the “control room” under studio/audio connections.

I don’t have that option under studio/audio connections menu in Cubase Elements.

Can this not be done in Cubase Elements?

I was wanting to try out the software before I bought it to see how easy or how hard it was to learn. Pretty easy actually, I think that part is great. Way better than another brand I won’t mention. But at this point I’m kind of stuck. IS this “control room” feature available in Cubase “Artist”

Hi and welcome,

Control Room is Cubase Pro only.

How is your Audio Connections > Outputs set, please?

Stereo Out
Left = Out 1
Right = Out 2

Audio Device = Zoom L-20 Asio Driver

Now if I change that to Asio4All, the sound now works through my speakers. But that kind of defeats the purpose, because then on the input side my Zoom board doesn’t work, which is why I need the ability to either

  1. set up different Asio drivers for the input and output
  2. Or find a way to make the signal, under the Zoom Asio driver, go back to the Zoom board and out the “Master” output on the actual board to headphones.

I’m at a complete loss here.


You can use only 1 ASIO driver in Cubase (for both Inputs and Outputs). If you want to merge multiple ASIO drivers, use mentioned ASIO4ALL. Then the routing is done in the ASIO4ALL application.