using cubase essential 5 with Allen&Heath zed 10

Hi, I am new to cubase recording. I have just bought a Allen Heath zed 10 fx with usb out. I have a problem getting cubase to recognise the desk, so I cannot get any input signal into the new project. I have had one or two ‘old hands’ who are familiar with cubase over to help me check device settings etc. All seems fine.
Help PLEASE !!!
THANKS. :confused:

Oh dear… another mixer that promises so much and delivers so little :frowning:

There is no dedicated ASIO driver and it’s usb 1.1 so it’s probably only 2 in 2 out.

If you cant see a USB audio in the Cubase Driver settings maybe ASIO4ALL will save the day?

Yes. Asio4all, has done the trick! Many thanks