using Cubase IC PRO with Cubase 8

is it possible?

yes !!

aha good to know!

i can’t figure it out! do i have to uninstall then reinstall skiremote?(i was using it with 7.5)

Get the latest Ski download and do a fresh install or overwrite, etc. Activate it in Devices and you should be set.

all good thankyou! i forgot about that little plus button in the devices window…


I purchased this, however, I am not greatly satisfied as it does not follow the channel selection in the DAW. Otherwise it is an OK product. At $16.99, I expect more then it actually does. The free Logic Remote is an outstanding example that I would pay for.

I think there is still a little bit of work to do with design/integration of these things its def not worth what it costs…i just use it for skipping through cycle markers and stuff.

It’s definitely limited but the potential is there for something great. I use it primarily for remote access otherwise it gets little use. I do wish it would stop asking for access every time I launch Cubase - seems to be an OSX issue.

I don’t think so. I use it on the Mac and it never asks for any kind of access when I launch Cubase!

Not sure what the issue is as Cubase 8 doesn’t ask for permission and it’s added to the Allowed Connections in Security & Privacy. Is there a separate file for IC Pro that needs to be added like the VST Bridge app? I don’t see anything available in Applications or elsewhere. Curiously, do you get asked about VST Bridge? I do despite having the permission granted. The IC Pro issue has been pestering me since it’s release on 2 different OSX versions - always thought it was the OS.

Try turning off the Firewall. At least that would tell you if that’s the cause of the problem.

Only the SKI remote extension, but I guess you knew that.

No, never. And I don’t see why I should. On the other hand I find it useless, so I have no 32-bit plug-ins installed. What is it you are asked?

Yep, that was it, thanks! I suppose the Firewall is a bit redundant on OSX but I’ve always used it and manually allowed access to whatever apps or plug-ins that needed an outside connection. Of course you’re not seeing the VST Bridge access if you’re not running 32-bit plugs but I do find it mostly transparent and experience no issues. I love my B4 VSTi despite it’s 32-bit handicap, otherwise I’d be 32-bit free like you.