Using Cubase iC while offline.

I keep my studio system offline at all times… Except for occasions where i need updates… How do I set it up so I can use the iC while staying offline, something I heard about virtual network. ?


Yes, exactly. You don’t need to be online. Just create a network (you can do this on Mac from the WiFi icon in the menu bar; I don’t know, how is it on Windows), and connect your iOS device to this created network.

There are also HW devices, which just creates a network for you. Then you can connect your computer and iOS device to this network. The network is not connected to the internet.

Cool thanks … now i just need to figure it out on Windows!

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I think you create what is called an “ad hoc network” look it up and it’ll do what type want.

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Is this not only for wifi stuff? or works for both? the compute being connected and devices being wireless