Using Cubase in a live situation

I want to use Cubase for playing our backing tracks during our concerts. I am looking at the arranger track but it seems weak as an interface. I need to play a couple of audio tracks simultaneously while sending program changes to the guitar pedals and trigger animations via note on/off midi.

Anyone using Cubase for backing tracks, and how do you go about it?

Thankful for any response!

Hello roguegbg,

I’m using cubase as a backing track and monitor mixer system with my band. I have one project which contains all songs of our set. I’m using a tempo and a bar signature track, to set the correct tempo and bar signature for each track. The click track goes through cue channel to the headphone of our drummer. Each song has three pre-count bars. I use the arranger track to set a automatic stop after each song. I can start the next song with the space key then.
I also use a midi track to send bank and program changes to my guitar rack.

All works very well so far!