Using Cubase LE 5 on Mac OSX w/Alesis Multimixer

I have Cubase LE 5 for Mac OSX. It was included in my purchase of the Alesis 8-Channel Multimixer USB Interface.
I am very inexperienced and uneducated about using Cubase period. So, needless to say, i am having trouble both using the multimixer w/cubase and also using cubase by itself. I need really foundational help with the setup of this.

Please see the first link in my sig to learn the basic concepts of MIDI. When you have specific questions, come back and share. :slight_smile:

Bane: I did not see a link anywhere? Is your sig below your reply? Sorry…I am new to the forum.


Don’t worry about it. Look here:

Then scroll down to my reply MIDI 101. :smiley: