Using Cubase on more than one computer

HI all,

I’m a fairly lightweight user of Cubase, and I’m about to upgrade to Cubase 7 Essentials from an older Essentials 4, and have only ever used the software on one computer. I want to be able to use it on two different computers. Am I right in thinking that, with these USB e-licensers, this is possible?

Is it just a matter of downloading the software onto both computers and moving the dongle from one computer to the other, depending which one I want to use?



Yes, precisely.

Cheers for that, SteveInChicago. Just what I thought.

Do you happen to know if I can download both a Mac version onto my Mac and a Win version onto my PC?


EDIT I actually don’t know about the Essentials download specifically…

Cheers anyway, SteveInChicago.


Your welcome John.

I do know the files are downloadable, but for the url you might have to ask support.

Yeah, I have it installed on both my master desktop and laptop. I only use it with the laptop when I’m outside the studio. All I have to do is bring the dongle along and plug it in.