Using Cubase On Zoom Calls

Hi all,

I was hoping someone could help with this problem

Me and my friends want to have a zoom call where each of us is running Cubase using a mic channel as our respective Zoom chat audio and where we can hear each other playing and recording tracks.

In the absence of being able to live jam online due to latency, we decided the next best thing would be to lay tracks down one at a time in a round robin kinda way (one guy records a drumline - we watch and listen, he sends his recorded drums as a wav file to the next guy who records bass - we watch and listen and he sends the two wav files to the next gut to record - while the rest watch and listen etc etc.

We followed these steps

But couldn’t get audio going into cubase and zoom at the same time without zoom dropping off the minute record was hit.

Anyone with any experience on this? Its driving us mad.

Many thanks in advance.

Plenty written on here already - use the search.