Using Cubase Quick Control with kontakt hosted in VEP 6


I want to use cubase quick controls to control kontakt hosted in vep 6 (CC 1, CC 7, CC 11 aso).

External Midi controller:
My quick control knobs are assigned to my NI Traktor Kontrol F1 midi controller.
When I turn an encoder / fader on the traktor, the selected rack instrument knob follows. So that´s ok.

How can I assign parameters in kontakt f. e. expression fader to a quick control on the rack instrument in cubase when the kontakt instance is hosted in vep 6?
In vep / kontakt I have the possibility to learn midi cc, but when I set it to learn, it will not recognize my changes on the midi controller as well as the software knob in cubase on the rack instrument.

Thank for your help.



You have to control the VE Pro automation parameter (in fact), the one, which controls the NI parameter. Actually, I would recommend to send common MIDI data, not Quick Controls.