Using Cubase Videos Live... Projector Issues

As I’m still using Cubase 7, I’ve recently borrowed a friend’s Lenovo X1 Carbon (8th generation) which is running Cubase 12.

I’ve created a series of songs to play as a live arrangement. After a lot of trial & error (& scouring online tutorials) I managed to successfully incorporate an accompanying, synchronized video for each song into my arrangement. It finally seems to be working fairly well, although some of the videos (randomly) don’t always start when they should (Blank screen).

My big issue is that I can connect a projector to my laptop but neither Cubase’s inspector, nor device manager, recognises it, despite the laptop’s graphics meeting Cubase’s requirements.

I want to be able to send the VIDEO ONLY to the external projector whilst being able to view other Cubase screens (Mixer / Arranger) on my laptop. That isn’t possible at the moment.

So if I want to play a video on a projector, my only solution is to make the video preview (F8) full screen and hide all other Cubase activity, which is far from ideal as it means I cannot access other screens without minimising said video.

I’d be grateful for any advice, please!?


If your system can see the projector as a separate screen, you can just move the Video Player window over this screen and maximize it.

On widows, you need to setup the extra screen as an extended desktop not as a duplicate. Right-click on desktop select display properties

Hi Martin!
Thanks so much for your reply… Yes! It was that simple… Detaching & dragging the video display window so that it’s almost entirely off screen, then maximising it to “Full Screen”
I’d managed to create automation scripts & do far more complicated stuff in Cubase, yet this simple solution had evaded me. Thanks again & best wishes!

Thanks, Vinark!
Between you & Martin you managed to provide a very simple and effective solution…
Making me feel very stupid in the process! :smiley: Thanks again & best wishes!