Using Cubase VST sounds moved to an external hard drive

I wanted to move all my cubase VST sound libraries to a SSD hard drive to free up some space on my Macbook Pro. I copied the file Library- Application Support-Steinberg-Content to the SSD and then deleted it off my laptop. Needless to say when I tried to play Grand3 it came up with the message ‘VST sound library not found’.

Previously I had tried to use the ‘Move’ function in the Steinberg Library Manager but was running into problems with that.

Basically, how do I move over library content so its instantly usable when my SSD is connected?


The correct way I’d to use the Library Manager. It would be nice to know, why did it fail?

Other (manual) approach is to make an aliases of your libraries, keep the aliases in the source folder and move the large origin folders to the external drive.