Using Cubase with Disability

Hello there,

My name is Guy D, and lately I bought Cubase 8.
I have a disability which because of I can use (almost) only the mouse.
For many years I’ve been using the “fruity” DAW :slight_smile: which is very mouse friendly.
But I decided to step-up (figure of speech) and take thing seriously and I know Cubase is the way!

So, I need Advices.
How can I tweak the UI or things I can change in the settings.
I’ll appreciate any ideas you could share.

Thank you!

Hello Guy,

Of course you can use the mouse to work Cubase without much issue but the real speed boost in working with this program is using key commands which can be accessed using a tablet running the app ICPRO. This app has many pages of key commands already programmed that can be triggered using just a finger. Of course all of the basic functions are covered on this app as well but the real beauty of this app is that you don’t have to be right in front of your monitor to control the program. Perhaps this might present an alternative for you. Here’s some info:

Hello Guy,

You can customize using the menus by right clicking on the tool bars, etc.

In the track list area, you can customize what’s shown in the tracks. I believe it’s called Track Controls.

On the right side of the track list section, and the mixer views, you can use the visibility tab to show or hide what you want.

The track sizes and mixer channels can be zoomed larger or smaller.