Using Cubasis both on Android and iOS

in that situation, do I need to purchase the app on both platform or can I transfer my ‘license’ from one platform to the other with a single purchase? thanks

Lincenses are almost never crossplatform and are sold in different stores so dont count on it…

I havent seen 1 daw nor app that can be bought on different platforms that work with the same user licence…

Maybe steinberg has a solution for this
Good luck.

Hi @ecl66,

Cubasis for iOS is distributed through the Apple App Store, Cubasis for Android/Chrome OS is distributed through the Google Play Store. The two stores don’t interrelate and don’t offer any crossgrade options, which means that to own any app on both iOS and Android/Chrome OS, it must be purchased on both stores, unfortunately.

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agree. Steinberg could offer the app for free on the stores and activate major features upon login on an account (paid license). Roland’s Zenbeats works this way and only requires one single purchase…