using cubasis to record an external midi synth


I’m in need of recording external midi synths with cubasis, but I´m having a problem, cause it won’t do midi monitoring, meaning there will be no midi thru on the midi track once is armed for recording.

When recording It will record the notes but there will be no sound while doing it either

I’m using a RME Babyface for midi, a Roland RD 64 as my master keys, and a Waldorf Pulse+ as my synth module

The way this is set up is midi out from the keyboard goes into babyface midi in, then midi out from the babyface goes to waldorf pulse midi in,

It is properly connected, as I can record midi notes but only guessing as there is no monitor, waldorf pulse will play back what´s recorded, also the keyboard will play cubasis internal sounds,

but what I need this to do is what every other midi sequencer have done since cubase 1,0, If I connect midi to a track and send the midi output of that track to an external device, pressing record should pass the input to the midi module, so you can hear the sound for choosing one, and hear the notes while recording

Can anybody point me in the right direction?.. It will be highly appreciated