using ddj sz as audio interface/midi controller?

ok so im new to cubase as of today when my 8.5 pro arrived, im just getting it all set up and i was wondering has anyone used the pioneer ddj sz dj controller as an audio interface and did it do a good enough job or would i be better buying a standalone audio interface? when i search i see people talking about using the ddj sx but the sz has better sound so i was just curious

the pioneer has all the inputs i would need for the time being and being their flagship controller has decent sound according to this
“Two built-in 24-bit soundcards use a low-jitter clock and a Wolfson digital-to-analog converter for the audio playback. The sounds cards total 10 inputs and 10 outputs, including 2 I/O for each channel and 2 mic inputs.”

also whilst i am purchasing a midi keyboard this week im wondering can the ddj sz be used as a midi controller also?

ive been djing for over 20 years but as i said production is all new to me so im looking for any advice cheers