Using different sample libraries for different playing techniques (con sord.)

Hi everybody,

I am using a playback template which combines Spitfire BBCSO Core, Spitfire SSO for the instruments not included in Core version and various percussion, pianos and harps from other sources. I am loading all the samples in Vienna Ensemble.

I am not satisfied with the long con sord of the BBCSO, as they don’t work well for smooth legato passages.
I am afraid there is not a way to use another library on the same staff/player for the con sord. techniques only…
Am I forced to use it on another staff/player or do you see another different solution? maybe putting it on another MIDI channel and make a channel switch?


You could use an additional voice on the same staff for the con sord. technique. Then enable independent voice playback, routing the additional voice to a different sample library.


Thank you very much John! I had never explored this possibility. There are a few clicks to add but overall I have to say it’s quite handy to use.

I agree that it is a great feature!

You might be doing all your mixing in Dorico. Remember though that if not, Dorico will export the audio for that instrument as a single audio file. Which I think makes the best sense and is probably as you would expect.

Sometimes though, I’ve needed to mix externally and needed to mix a particular articulation differently - something like con sord in particular. Or a solo. I can still separate them in the DAW by splitting the track - but sometimes like the solo it still makes sense to create a second instrument in the score for me. Just musing… choices.

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Yes, great feature as well. Recently I have been trying to use Dorico also for instruments that I normally work on only in Cubase, like synth or orchestral fx samples and I discovered that I can play samples alongside notation and then export the audio of those.
It makes sense for me because when I’ll record the live musicians I can have the same samples or synth sounds that I was hearing when I was composing.
It’s a new workflow for me but as long as I can make it stable I like it very much. It’s a mixture of the two environments, notation and sounds.