Using Different Versions of Dorico on More than One Computer

I use a dongle for my Dorico license, because I have it on two Macs (old and new) both of which I use. The old Mac can only support Dorico v.3.5; the new Mac, Dorico 4.0.

Is it possible for a Steinberg dongle Dorico license to be used for two different versions of Dorico, when it’s swapped from old Mac to new and back, depending on which machine one is working?

Dorico 4 doesn’t use your dongle at all, so you can leave it plugged into your old Mac. The only time there is any involvement of the dongle with Dorico 4 is if SDA/eLC needs to check that you are eligible for an upgrade to Dorico 4 from an earlier version. After that, Dorico 4 just uses the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Thank you so much for your clear answer Richard. Very grateful.