Using Dorico on another Computer

It means a license that will expire 90 days after the date of activation.

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No kidding. Gold star, Daniel.

And it must be said: we’ve been an extra persnickety bunch lately. I don’t know what’s goin on with the forum, but it’s felt a little bit off for a week or two. (Influx of new users?)


Introduction of the iPad - a whole new target to practice persnickety on :smiley:


I think the much-anticipated but UTTERLY DISAPPOINTING release of Finale 27 may have caused many to finally jump ship! I’m glad I did. For those of us who used Finale non-stop for 20+ years, it is a major shift in thought and workflow. I’ve been at it for about 2 months now and, while there are a few things I wish Dorico would allow me to control, I think it’s the most brilliant app I’ve ever used. The whole set-up seems ripe for long-term success, too. Also, unlike Dorico’s forum, Finale’s is not a happy place to be. Some defectors may arrive here armed for war; instead they find a bunch of crazy smart happy friendly people.


Great. 81 years. I am 76. Gives me hope too. But it is difficult. Good luck.

Hi, Daniel. I’m a public school band teacher and you helped me last summer with a code to use Dorico on my laptop. I just got a new MacBook Pro and would like to hopefully get Dorico 3.5 up and running now and then upgrade to 4.0 when it’s ready. Can you help me with a code today?

OP here, I have been getting notifications all this time from the forums and I didn’t understand why since I haven’t posted in ages… I didn’t think the thread would last from March 2019 till now…
I read about the new licensing system… great to hear that paid customers will finally have an easier time than pirated customers (the latter need no USB and can operate on unlimited machines )
Anyway long since I upgraded to Dorico 3 Pro… Is it known what’s new in Dorico 4 yet?

They don’t announce features in advance of the release itself. Cheers —

You should be able to use the reactivation process to get yourself a new activation code for your new MacBook Pro. Let me know if this doesn’t work for some reason (but perhaps send me a private message).

I think if you set the drop-down at the very bottom of the thread back to Tracking instead of Watching, you’ll no longer get emails about new posts added to the thread.

interesting. good advice!

Thank you. So I will be able to have Dorico running on my iMac and laptop for some time? Thank you.

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Yes, exactly so.

And Dorico shows MakeMusic how NOT to fail when releasing an anticipated update. Simply amazing…

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