Using Dorico on Mac AND Windows

I am about to show my ignorance of the way that e-licencer works! Is it possible for me to use Dorico on a Windows computer and an iMac (not, obviously, at the same time - I only have 2 hands!)? I have a Cubase USB stick which has various Steinberg licences on it.
Also - is there a way of backing up the e-licencer info somewhere, or is it held within the online account?
(I told you I was ignorant!)

You can move your Dorico license from the Soft-eLicenser onto your USB-eLicenser to use Dorico on both of your computers. Quit Dorico and then drag the Dorico license onto the USB-eLicenser in eLicenser Control Center to do this. Warning: at the moment, this is not a reversible operation.

You should definitely register all of your eLicensers in your MySteinberg account, so that you can make use of the license recovery tools in the event of a problem.

Thanks for that prompt and helpful reply, Daniel. That also confirms that i can install Dorico on the 2 computers with the different OS’s, which is perfect.