Using dorico on multiple machines?


I have recently bought a copy of Dorico 2 which I have installed on both my desktop and laptop however am having trouble activating them both. If I activate the computer itself via the eLicenser then I am unable to activate my laptop as it says I have already activated the software which I have on my other machine. I am a little bit confused as to what the USB eLicenser is for as if I drag the license on to it, I need to have it in the computer in order to use dorico and don’t seem to be able to use it to activate multiple machines which is what I thought it was for.

Any help appreciated.

You can only use one machine at a time. If you drag the elicenser onto the usb dongle then you can use Dorico on as many machines as you own, but only one at a time, and the dongle needs to be plugged into that computer while you’re using Dorico.

And be aware that, once the license is on the USB eLicenser, it cannot be transferred back to a soft eLicense. Steinberg is working on a new licensing process, I believe. (No time soon, though.)

Since I am used to being able to use Sibelius on a desktop and a laptop with 1 licence, I very much miss this facility with Dorico.

Can anyone tell me what the cheapest way of getting a copy for the laptop would be, bearing in mind that I got the desktop version using the with Sibelius cross grade? Surely it would be cheaper than just buying it twice.

The cheapest legal way would be to buy a license for Dorico Elements with the drawback that you’d only have limited functionality with it. Or perhaps there is a market for “used” Dorico licenses? Is license transfer possible?

Wouldn’t the cheapest legal way be to use the USB eLicenser? That’s what I do.

Or use the soft eLicenser program – deactivate it on one machine and then reactivate it on the other. The only hassle is that you need to have internet access to activate it or deactivate it. That’s even cheaper than using the USB dongle.

Don’t do this. At some point Steinberg will decide that you’re using this method to jump back and forth between computers too frequently, and will lock you out. This service is designed for infrequent use; such as when you’re replacing a computer.

You’re right, I didn’t think of that. :smiley:

Thanks to all for your thoughts. Perhaps the eLicencer is the way to go. I just hoped that Steinberg would come up with some way of purchasing a second copy at a cheaper rate rather than full price.