Using Dorico with a docking station

Does anyone have experience running Dorico Pro on a laptop with a dock that has full sized peripherals (monitor, mouse, printers, etc.) attached? It seems that this would be a good alternative to running Pro on a desktop and another version like Elements on a laptop. In this case Pro would run only on the laptop which would detach from the dock for work away from home. Anyone see any problems?

My daily work setup is like that (unless I’m in home office due to Corona). I have a Lenovo ThinkPad P53s on a docking station and a big monitor attached, as well as other peripherals. It all works like a charme, I can only recommend.

No problems, working like that with my MacBook, although i don’t have a designated docking station, but rather a prebundled dongle jumble

I’m on PC not Mac, but I like the elegance of the Henge Dock this guy uses:

(I have severe desk envy of his desk and am planning on building a similar one this month following the Monkwood DIY Project)