Using Dorico with Dropbox file extension

Hi! Doing end of year housekeeping.
Happy New Year!

Does anyone know how to make a rule in Dropbox for dorico files with the extension ,dorico?

Also Dropbox doesn’t include .dorico or .xml files as extensions for audio files, yet it was a Dorico user who told me they use Dropbox and recommended it to me.

They probably just mean for file storage, don’t they? There is no Dropbox extension to play Dorico projects as only Dorico can play back Dorico. There’s no audio file format glued inside the Dorico project either. Dropbox cannot preview everything.

Developers can create custom extensions but I doubt anybody has made one for Dorico. I may be wrong. All that would do is enable you to work with your project directly in Dropbox. I can’t see the value in that, when you can just sync your folder to your local machines.

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