Using DSP effects as plugins


I wonder if there is a way, using a DAW other than Cubase, to use the internal FXs as if they were track inserts to be used on recorded material. (Other than, I mean, patching the outputs to the inputs to use them as physical inserts…)


I’m curious about this too. And on a similar topic, I’m in the process of selling my Nuendo 5.5 and transitioning to Pro Tools. It’s not so much because I want to, but because I work in Hollywood and EVERYBODY I work with needs file transfer capability, so…

Anyway, my channel strip is licensed to my USB eLicenser, which will go away with my Nuendo sale. Is there any way to license this channel strip without an eLicenser, or do I need to pick another one up for this strip, which I then may or may not be able to use in another DAW?