Using e-drums w/ Superior Drummer 3

Hey guys - I’m pretty new to audio software so thanks in advance for the help.

I have an Alesis Strike Pro SE electronic drum kit, and I’m using the USB out to send the MIDI signals to my Macbook. I have the Superior Drummer 3 (SD3) sound library, and I’m currently trying out Cubase 10.5 Elements. I also have a PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 mixer connected to my Macbook, and I want to output the audio from the Macbook to the mixer.

Here’s the problem:
When I run standalone SD3, I can configure the MIDI input/output settings, and it runs just fine; it takes the input from the Alesis module (i.e. - what I’m playing on the drum kit) and outputs to the mixer (I have my headphones connected to the mixer so I hear what’s output from that). However, when I add SD3 as an instrument track in Cubase, I can see that SD3 is not getting any MIDI signal input. I can see that Cubase is getting the MIDI input because of the signal bar jumping when I play the kit, but when the SD3 interface is open (by clicking the “Edit instrument” icon), the “MIDI in” does not flash when I play the kit (like it does when I run it standalone). However, it is outputting MIDI just fine because on my Macbook trackpad I can click on one of the drums and I hear the appropriate sound.

So… I suppose I just need help figuring out how to set up the tracks in Cubase to accomplish what I’m trying to do and ensure that SD3 gets the MIDI input. Thanks again for your insight!

Set the input of the Instrument track to th MIDI Hardware Input
Activate the monitor button on the MIDI track.
In preferences make sure, MIDI thru is active and also no MIDI filters are activated

Wow. It was the “Midi Thru” checkbox in Preferences. I swear I had checked that, but it’s always the little things that get you! Thanks again

Cubase has a bad habit of NOT remembering your Prefs. This is ON by default