Using editorhost as a debug executable


I want to use editorhost to debug my app’s GUI.
With a previous vst3 sdk version, the editorhost target was available directly from the project, and I could easily set it as a debug executable.

I now use vst3 sdk 3.7.1 and in CMakeLists.txt I see the following comment:
# Disable all VST3 samples when using SDK as subdirectory

So I decided to build the editorhost and place it in my Applications folder, but when I launch it to debug my app, I get the following error:

Could not create Module for file:YES
Error: Could not create Bundle for path: //YES

If I build the editorhost from the vst3 project, it works fine.

In both scenarios, I pass my plugin path as an argument.
What is the recommended way to make it work ?

The last argument must be the path to the vst3 plug-in. Somehow the last argument you pass to it seems to be “//YES”. Double check your settings.

I’m aware that the argument should be the path to the plug-in, that’s why I don’t understand why this “//YES” value is shown.

In my plug-in run scheme in Xcode the only argument is my plugin path. If I launch the editorhost from the terminal it works fine though, weird.

Ok I found the solution.

I was able to check the arguments used to launch the editorhost from Xcode (using Terminal instead of Xcode as console). And there is indeed a YES at the end:

Launching: '/Applications/'
Working directory: '/Applications'
4 arguments:
argv[0] = '/Applications/'
argv[1] = '/Users/blegoff/Documents/workspace/templatevst/generated/VST3/Debug/templatevst.vst3'
argv[2] = '-NSDocumentRevisionsDebugMode'
argv[3] = 'YES'

The “NSDocumentRevisionsDebugMode” is activated by default in the run scheme:

Unticking this option fixes the issue.

Having an optional argument to indicate which exactly is the plugin path would be safer than using only the last arg, what do you think ?