Using Effectrix in Cubase Elements 8


I am trying to trigger Effectrix via MIDI but it is not working as it should. Here is what I have done:

I added an effect channel for the audiochannel to which effectrix should be applied. The effect channel has Effectrix as an insert. I created a MIDI channel and routed its output to the effect channel with Effectrix. “Trigger by MIDI” in Effectrix is activated. When I now hit my MIDI keyboard I am able to switch the patterns inside of Effectrix so the plugin receives MIDI signals as it is supposed to. But when I start playback than nothing happens inside of Effectrix. The locator in Effectrix does not move. When I switch “Trigger by MIDI” off then it works again. I just don’t know what to change…

Thx for your help

Figured it out myself…

Problem was that I thought one single MIDI note would be enough to trigger. But you have hit the note for the whole length of time that the effect should be applied. As soon as one stops to play the note, the effect stops to.