Using Effects Cubase Pro 9.5?

Trying to hear various VST effects (on the fly) on drum machine, but they’re not coming thru.

  1. In the Tracks Panel, I select the Track (stereo 7) named SR16 L & SR16 R & clk the “Listen” icon. I can hear the drum-machine fine, & I get level-response in the small area next to the track’s name on the Tracks Panel. I also get level responses in the Mixer for “7 Stereo In” & “7 SR16 L & SR16 R”. The levels on the R-side “Master Meter”, however, do not respond. Why not?
  2. I clk on Inserts in the Inspector, clk on an empty space (1 - Pre), dbl-clk on Reverb & select REVerence, Browse & select “English Chapel”. Nothing–No effect; Yes, the “Activate Effect” button is On & No the “Bypass Effect” button is not On.
    Interesting thing though–in any of the selected “REVerence” effects windows (i.e. English Chapel, French Stone Chapel, etc.), I can clk on the large round silver control (on the L-side of the window) and the plugin “responds” with a kind of cymbal-like sound. I figured out these sounds (one note) are examples of selected effects by comparing them. Another thing, clicking on this large round silver control creates a response in the “Master Meter”, which I currently have set to “Digital Scale - AES17”. However, the “Master Meter” does not respond when I just have the drum-machine playing.
    I’m guessing I need to Add/Route some “FX Channel”? Appreciate any help.

Disregard. I had “Direct Monitoring” activated. All is well.