Using eLicenser weigh Cubase LE

About 5 years ago I bought a Tascam audio / MIDI interface, but have not really used it. CUbase LE 5 was included so I loaded it up on an old Laptop running Windows XP to check it out. I eventually got it licenced but didn’t have opportunity to use it much at all.

I now have an iMac running the latest version of OS X and when I saw an email from Steinberg offering an upgrade to Cubase LE 8 for only $10, I jumped at it. I now have more time and my sons are getting to the age where they will be interested in using it now too.

Now my problems begin :slight_smile:
I understand that I had bought an upgrade so I tried to load LE 5 onto the iMac as a first step, but it won’t install. It complains that the OS X version needs to be newer that what it thinks I have (but I have the latest - OS X 10.11.x).

Is there a way to install LE 5 on the current OS X version?

If not, I found the old Windows XP laptop and it still has the licenced LE 5 on it. How do I get the licence from the old Windows XP laptop across to the new OS X iMac? Is there a way to do it without needing to buy a hardware key? (The whole concept of Dongles died a slow and horrible death years ago, so I don’t want to have to go there if I can avoid it).

(Rhetorical question: Why does it have to be so hard?)

Any help will be gratefully received - I’ve already lost a few days on this.

You do not need to install LE5 on the new computer, but you do need to Reactivate your LE5 license on that computer. I’d suggest installing LE8, then going to your MySteinberg account and reactivating your LE5 license with your new Soft eLicense number in the eLicense Control Center. Then you should be able to activate your LE8 upgrade license. If you still have trouble with it, please submit a support request through your MySteinberg account including your new SeL and upgrade activation code and your local support will be happy to help.