Using enter in playing techniques popover

Why do you have to type twice in the playing techniques popover? I am trying to automate this with AutoHotKeys and I am somewhat puzzled. So, I type Shift-P wedge and again. I don’t understand why the first seemingly does nothing. I could not find an explanation in the manual.

My guess is you are not entering a complete technique. For example shift-p ‘pizz’ is incomplete. Try shift-p ‘pizz.’ (note the full stop)

The popovers that have a candidate menu, like tempo marks and playing techniques, can require two presses of Return - once to confirm the selection, and once to confirm the popover. I believe if you’ve already entered the full entry, one press of Return is sufficient.

This works for me, I do not have any PT called wedge so this is with arco:

send +p
send arco {Enter}

How does your code look?

Strange. I defined a technique with ‘wedge’ as the popover text. Needs two s.

Is there something wrong with this?

I have to do this in AHK to make it work:

; Haydn wedge
SendInput, +P
SendInput, wedge{Enter}
SendInput, {Enter}

Try and change it to

; Haydn wedge
Send, +P
Send, wedge {Enter}

Better? At least this works for me. You could even simplify even more –

; Haydn wedge
^F4:: Send, +p wedge {Enter}

The spaces are important.

Aha. You nailed it, with the comment at the end - I had no space between ‘wedge’ and {Enter}. Adding the space fixed it. Thanks!

But I am still puzzled why I need two s when I do it manually with the popover, and then why the AHK only needs one. I am missing something here.

It is not really 100% consistent as you might have seen in the thread that Dan linked to above.
But if you type "wedge " (NB the space at the end) and then press enter, it should suffice with one enter. Possibly that is the difference between the AHK script and what you are doing manually.

Logically, this also works:

^F4:: Send +pwedge{Enter}{Enter}

…or even this with less keystrokes

^F4:: Send +pwedge{Enter 2}

You might find it easier to simply modify the JSON, if it’s an articulation or PT you use often. Tutorial: how to modify your JSON to add additional key commands

I think the reason is that the popover is giving you a pick list matching what you’ve typed, so you have to “OK” that first and then the popover itself. The Lua code spells it out in full and doesn’t use the popover.