Using Enter key to start audio export

It would be extremely nice to be able to start audio export by pressing the enter key after entering the file name. It seems this was how it worked back in Cubase 4 or something.

Understood. That dialog area has changed a lot over the years. It would be difficult for it to know which area you are pressing Enter on.

However, you can easily assign a key command to that. (Have a look in key commands dialogue).

I have a key command set to open the Export audio mixdown dialog box where there is a file name suggestion ready to go. When I press enter to confirm that name, the export process should start, shouldn’t it? I have to use the mouse to press Export audio. Is there a shortcut to start audio export without using the mouse? Or is there something else I am missing?

You can set a key command to start the export itself. (As explained in my first reply). :slight_smile: