Using EQ

Hey everyone
Still getting to grips with EQ, for now, I am using EQ presets (which seem to work fine) but when I have used a preset on a track, and then go into the mixer, there is another option there to EQ the track, do I need to EQ there as well or is once enough? Sorry if it sounds like a daft question, but it is perplexing me!
Thank you


One EQ is enough.

Do you use one EQ as a plug-in, and the 2nd EQ is in the Channel Strip?

EQ is a big subject, basically you don’t want to use it.

But you use it if you need it.

If the built in EQ does what you need, then you’re good.

If not, there are lots of EQ’s out there that do more or do things differently than the built in one.

Your ears are the judge as to if you need it or not.