Using express maps articulation are not being released

Dorico Version 2.2.2
Library: EastWest Symphony Orchestra Gold
Play: 6.1.2

The problem is pretty straightforward. I’ve 4 flows in the project. I’ve setup expression maps for various string articulations. When I switch from one flow to next, Dorico doesn’t releasing the articulation that’s in play. If I’m working a pizz section in one flow, the next flow I move to articulates pizz even though the ‘Play Technique’ lane confirms that it should be ‘Natural’. If the last articulation played was Staccato, that would carry forward to next flow. How do I get Dorico to have the Flow that’s in focus loss the settings from the prior Flow and start with a clean slate? This can really be distracting.

Have you defined the Natural playback technique in your expression maps so it resets everything (controllers, keyswitches, etc) to the default state?

If seems like Dorico is correctly putting Natural into the playback, but Natural doesn’t have some automagical meaning, it only does whatever you define it to do in the expression map. If a playback technique is not in the expression map at all, it is just silently ignored.

‘Natural’ is included in the expression maps and does include a key switch set to 12 (C0-Sus). I would think that it would make the switch. Is there another setting I should be looking at?

Thank you for the help.

I would certainly expect Dorico to clean the slate, as you put it, at the start of each flow. If you add a “nat.” playing technique at the start of the flow, does that help?

I checked this with HALion and NotePerformer and both worked as expected.

Dorico generates a “Natural” playback technique at the start of the second flow, and for both Halion and NP all that does is set the keyswitch back to the default value.

From a quick look at the East West documentation, 12 is the correct keyswitch note for “Natural”, but I don’t have the E-W libraries so I’m out of ideas.

Added ‘nat.’. Didn’t work. Re-built the expression map to see if I missed something. No luck. If I put together a small project that reproduces the problem, would you be interested in using it for debugging the issue?

Yes, please zip and attach here

Attached is small project with instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Let me know if you need any additional information. (1.12 MB)

Created a diagnostic file just in case you needed one. One other piece of information that I left out is I’m using Windows 10 Home 10.0.18362 Build 18362.

Please let me know when you have something. Also, I’d like to move to D3, but I read in another post that Play VST3 was blacklisted. This is stopping me from moving forward with the upgrade. I would be interested knowing when this will be corrected.

Thank you
Dorico (1.35 MB)

Has anything happened to resolve the issues Dorico was having with Play VST3. I would like to upgrade to D3, but not until I know there aren’t going to be any issues with Play.

No, there’s been no patch released yet.

It’s not blacklisted on Windows… at least I’m using it right now on W7…