Using expression maps (veteran user, newbie to this)

I’m now using Noteperformer with Dorico and loving it, and have turned for the first time to the world of expression maps to try to get my work to playback as I wish. I’m writing for brass and understand that Dorico doesn’t yet implement the full range of articulations for Noteperformer. The Noteperformer guide suggests I can add articulations like Brass fall, scoop etc. using Midi triggers (in this case CC15). I’ve got to grips with the MIDI editor (it’s neatly designed and intuitive) and added these controllers in the appropriate lanes but it’s making no difference to the playback. I’ve read a number of posts and understand I have to have the correct expression map etc., and have checked all this.

Furthermore, I’m slightly confused - as in the expression map editor, I can add an entry for “falloff” manually and the appropriate controller (if it worked). So if it’s this simple, I’m not sure why the full range of articulations hasn’t been added?

Any advice or clarification would be welcome.

System details:
Dorico Pro
NotePerformer 3.3.1
Mac Mini 2018

If you add a switch to your expression map for e.g. “falloff”, the issue is that Dorico won’t trigger this automatically when it comes to a notated fall in the music. We have to specifically hook up each notated item to the playback system, and as yet jazz articulations like scoop, fall, plop, and doit have no automatic effect on playback. You can of course create your own playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques to trigger the desired playback playing technique, add it to the music at the point at which the fall occurs, and set it to be hidden by way of the ‘Hide’ property.

I don’t have any specific expertise on using the advanced techniques in NotePerformer by way of adding specific MIDI messages, but I don’t know of any reason why that wouldn’t work. Do you have a trivial example you can attach that we could look at?