Using External Editor via RX10

My WL track ‘section’ was from a song in Stereo 16bit, 44.100Hz. I sent it to RX (it opened the file in 32 bit 44.100Hz) and here I reduced some vinyl record noise. When I went to send the edited section back to WL, RX told me the sample rates were different and it could not send it. So, I opened the File tab in RX and clicked on ‘Export’. Here I was given the choice to choose the sample rate of the file and open it in RX. I chose 16 bit and the file opened in RX. I then sent it back to WL.

Has it always been this way?

I have no explanation for this, as far as you don’t tweak the sample rate on either sides, WaveLab / RX. I never heard about such a case before.

I work with RX 9 but never had this problem. You haven’t had this problem before ?

The very latest update for RX10 seems to be doing some weird things with altering the sample rate of my audio device, even when it’s set to release the driver in the background. I don’t recall this ever happening before.

Maybe it’s related here.

No, in the past WL and RX have always communicated as good neighbors - whatever the sample rate was in WL there was no readjusting the sample rate (by the user) in RX to return the edited section back to WL.

It makes me ask the question: Which product is responsible for the return sample rate adjustment?

WaveLab expect the return wave to be same sample rate. This sample rate is written by RX.