Using External hardware FX with Cubase & MR816X


I try to explain my problem in a few words and my poor english !

I got A MR816x and I work with Cubase 7 (or 6). Today, I finish a DIY compressor and I test it. So I wire the MR816x output 5/6 to the inserts of my compressor, I wire the outputs of my compressor to the 3/4 input of the MR. I create a new external FX in Cubase, try it with a loop, work good… But the signal was too low to compress it. I increase the send gain, it compress ok. After that, I decided to to pump up the volume of my monitor, like everyday, with the MR master gain button… And the “send” level was increased too !
So I think that the MR816 master gain button increase all the outputs at the same time ? That’s stupid in this case, the channel used as send in Cubase should be at 0dB and the MR816 gain button should not have an influence on it.
I don’t have monitoring controller so do you have an idea ?

To resume, I don’t want the MR816x Master button increase or decrease the outputs used for my external hardware fx.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.

Please what’s your language ??

I’m french. But after many reads, I’ve seen that’s impossible to do what I want :frowning:
(Except if Steinberg release an update ?)…
So if no firmware/driver update is coming, I’ll change my MR816 for real converters…
The MR816 is a really good soundcard but need more flexibility in routing section.

I agree but if you want to use the MR16 you can add one of these
This is what I have so that I can raise/lower volume without any of the problems you mentioned.

Bon courage!


This is exactly what I did.

The “LEFT” knob on the front of the MR816’s controls ALL of the ANALOG outputs simultaneously. So when you’re using outboard equipment and attempting to control levels feeding the equipment and change the default stereo output (Channels 1 & 2) you’re basically screwed. (unless you do internal studio inside cubase which sucks)

Like the above user said, the TC Level Pilot will work perfectly. It’s exactly what I did. I keep my “LEFT” knob at nominal so all analog outputs are sending at “0” in the MR Mixer. Then control volume to my monitors with Level Pilot. Send volumes I use the (Send/Return) level control that is attached to each External Effect inside Cubase, especially if say my outboard compressor or EQ doesn’t have a lot of headroom.

Hi my friend you can using the tool’s MR816 in cubase that control the Volumes when the Cubase it’s open.
is there independent volume to each channel from your interface !!